We ‘follow the sun’. What this means is that our offices are strategically positioned around the globe, in Suva Fiji, Essen Germany, Lima Peru and Cape Town South Africa

Essen, Germany

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Suva, Fiji

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Cape Town, South Africa

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Lima, Peru

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We Follow The Sun

We ‘follow the sun’. What this means is that our offices are strategically positioned around the globe, in Brisbane, Barcelona, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town and Suva (Fiji) to allow us to offer 24/7 services at all times, within every time zone. We use a virtual Avaya call centre infrastructure between our sites, supported by a global MPLS network. The benefits to our clients is 24/7 coverage, cost efficiencies, higher agent occupancy and business continuity. Our locations have not only been selected for their ‘follow the sun’ capabilities, but they also enable access to English and over 30 other languages.

Mindpearl has partnered with FBC Asia Pacific who have extensive experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) space.


Our CEO, William Pattison, was instrumental in creating and developing the ‘’follow the sun’’ business model for the airline industry. He implemented the same business model in Mindpearl. 19 years later we can attest that it works.

Our pioneering feats in setting up new contact centres in unconventional locations, our contribution to developing outsourcing locations such as South Africa and Fiji, our investment in industry skills, and our creative recruitment drives, ensure BCP and 24/7 coverage without reducing the quality of life of our staff is all part of the pioneering spirit that is embedded in our DNA. Mindpearl’s vision ‘Pushing the boundaries of convention to deliver the ultimate brand experience’ is a promise to our clients. We will continue to pioneer in delivering value to our partnerships.

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