Global Business Process Outsourcer, specialising in unilingual and multilingual contact services across multiple industry sectors

Global Team

With facilities located across 3 continents, Mindpearl is strategically positioned with:

a team of over 2000 employees

close to 40 nationalities

speaking over 25 languages

enabling us to provide customised solutions to address our client's global outsourcing needs.


Customer Service Solution

Mindpearl is a partner who focuses on delivering human-centred communication services. By seeking out the best people who fit both...

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Our strategic office locations provide access to native level fluency in English and over 25 other languages. Our engaged and motivated...

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Our bundled and unbundled services and transparent cost structure provides for a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

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With over 20 years of experience, Mindpearl can validate that the 'follow-the-sun' business model is effective and that it is sustainable.

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Client Experience

We selected Mindpearl Fiji because it is cost-effective, easily accessible and conveniently located. What we got was so much more. Our attrition rates have dropped from 40% to 2%, which equates to significantly lower recruitment and training costs. Sick leave is non-existent, even during a Category 5 Cyclone. Service levels are consistent and stable. The most surprising for me is employee engagement. There is a true spirit of team, family, pride of company and product. Employee engagement scores are sitting at around 70% compared with 30% in 'like for like' roles. For me this is a true testimony to their slogan and commitment to brand protection.

Brad Hagstrom
Joint CEO, Harmoney