A greater focus on the people to achieve maximum value from outsourcing

Mindpearl | November 12, 2014 12:45 pm

William Pattison speaks about a greater focus on the people to achieve maximum value from outsourcing

Outsourcing is largely a people industry. Our people are the livelihood of our business and their satisfaction is central to the success of our company.  I believe they are also central to the success of the outsourcing industry as a whole.

What do buyers of outsourcing services look for?

In my experience, one of the key factors buyers look at when selecting an outsourcer is firstly, the people and secondly, relationship management.  In general, the outsourcing industry lacks the people element.

How to achieve the maximum value from outsourcing?

I believe to be successful at achieving maximum value from outsourcing; we need to invest in retaining key skills within the outsourcing industry.  That’s why there needs to be a greater focus on the people.  By putting our people first in all we do, we hope to position ourselves as leaders in this much needed area and lay the foundation for future best practice in the industry.

Changing perception

One of the biggest challenges faced by the contact centre outsourcing industry is the perception that this industry does not provide a career path and contact centres are ‘sweat’ shops that work their staff to death. I believe by focusing on our people, we are not only changing this perception, but we are pioneering best people practice in the outsourcing industry.

The benefits

By focusing on our people we have not only experienced a happier workforce, but we have experienced tangible results in all areas of our operation including staff retention, workforce optimisation, retaining key skills, lower attrition, higher levels of responsiveness and uptime, increase in customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and the longevity of our client relationships.

The bottom line

The bottom-line – A happy workforce is a more productive and more valuable workforce!  In turn, happy employees, equal happy customers!  So everyone wins.

The how?

At Mindpearl we believe the two areas of greatest value, which distinguishes us from our competitors’, are our people (how they are trained and how they interact with our client’s customers) and their ability to protect and live our clients’ brands.  We believe this so strongly, that it has become our brand positioning.  How do we achieve this value?  By investing in our people, through recognition and reward and by creating an inclusive work environment that people call their second home and family.

My top tip to ensure employee engagement

Focus on creating an inclusive work environment – Mindpearl does not run on one brain alone.  We have over 1000 brains within Mindpearl, without which this company would not be where it is today.  Listen! I am amazed at the ideas, innovations that have come from our people.  From agent level to management, everyone has a voice.  This is what makes Mindpearl a great place to work and ensures employee engagement.





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Author: | November 12, 2014 12:45 pm