About Us

Who Are We

Our History

Mindpearl was established in 1999 as a captive contact centre providing seamless 24/7 customer support services in multiple languages. This was to both customers and passengers of a consortium of 11 European airlines headed by Swissair. Over the years, we have diversified and currently provide 24/7 multilingual contact centre solution to global names in aviation, travel, telecommunication, retail and finance.

Our Brand

The value we place on our employees, their experience and the relationships we have with our clients and their brands is clearly articulated through our brand and identity moto:

“Our people, your brand”

This is proudly reverberated throughout our global centres and inherently drives our approach to business and is embedded in our company culture.

Mindpearl's Vision

Pushing the boundries of convention to deliver the ultimate brand experience.

In fulfilling our vision, we work wholeheartedly according to three key beliefs which encompass our values, principles and purpose,:

  • People, and their capacity to help;
  • Partnership, and its capacity to enable;
  • Performance, and its capacity to motivate.

People, Partnership and Performance, the 3 P's, encapsulates our "One Mindpearl" culture and forms the base of what we believe in and stand for as a valued service provider.

Meet Our Stakeholders

William Pattison

Chief Executive Officer


Stefan Burri

Chief Financial Officer