Case Studies

Consumer Retail Industry Case Study: Excellence in Outsourcing Customer Service

The client’s story

This client is a leading, globally recognised brand in consumer retail. They have been established as one of the most recognised and trusted names in their chosen sector, operating globally and consistently providing a high quality service. This client had approached us looking for a more cost effective solution for their specialised calls.

The need

For 4 years these calls were being handled by a dedicated team in our Cape Town centre. The demand for this service had increased in the UK market, and the client needed a more economical way to accommodate this growing demand whilst still retaining the quality service that was provided by the experienced Cape Town agents.

The Cape Town team had a minimum of 6 months working experience on the account and also had to attend a 6 week training program to ensure that they were equipped with intricate knowledge, empathy and understanding to provide this specialised service. The key project objective was to migrate the calls to a new location. The result had to deliver the cost efficiency without losing the quality of service enjoyed in Cape Town. The perfect location, Mindpearl – Fiji, was selected.

Our solution

Mindpearl implemented a migration solution with a methodical project plan, transferring all the specialised calls from Cape Town to Fiji. The project plan was co-ordinated by the Key Account Manager, Quality and Training Manager (who was trained directly by the client) and the Mindpearl Migration team. The implementation strategy included expats being sent from Cape Town to up skill the team in Fiji this allowed for the transfer of the extensive knowledge and skills needed for this specialised service. The expats consisted of The Quality and Training Manager along with a team of 5 Cape Town agents.

The “train the trainer” approach was adopted to ensure skill transfer. The team created manuals and consistently updated them to ensure accurate information. The recruitment strategy included telephonic client vetting. Mindpearl and the client were able to screen agents and assess their comprehension skills as well as the tone of voice, conversational skills, empathy and knowledge around the product. In partnership, the precise calibres of staff were selected for this specialised service.

Happy Conclusion

This migration has provided the client with a 35% cost saving whilst retaining the quality of the service. The integrity of the customer experience has been maintained, as the language proficiency and the neutral accent in Fiji affiliates well with the UK market. The team in Fiji has tripled in size within 18 months which has increased the client’s capacity to service more consumers and increased their revenue. Naturally this successful transition has strengthened the client relationship. Talks are already underway to expand this service to other markets.

What the Chief Commercial Officer at Mindpearl had to say:
“This exceptional team work, dedication and the quality delivered, deserves recognition. Not only this customer service team, but also the implementation team which included a number of expats from Cape Town. Thanks team this is definitely our people your brand in action.“