Mindpearl igniting hope for under priveleged children in Fiji

Mindpearl | May 1, 2015 11:51 am

Suva, Fiji, April 2015

Mindpearl in partnership with the Fiji Rucksack Club and MD Kumar Transport funded an outing for under privileged children from the Happy Home Trust. A number of volunteers joined the children, including a number of Mindpearl staff. The day consisted of a 3 km hike inland to a picturesque Fijian village, where the children enjoyed the waterfalls, swam and played outside. These enriching recreational experiences make an immense difference in a child’s life.

Mindpearl, an industry leader in global outsourcing is actively involved in enriching the lives of people in their community, especially children. Mindpearl believes that the children are the future leaders and deserve to enjoy everyday pleasures like these.

Mindpearl’s CEO, Mr William Pattison, said, ‘We are delighted to support a non-profit organisation like the Happy Home Trust, who is making a difference in so many children’s lives. We believe that by supporting organisations like this we are taking a stand against child abuse, emphasising the importance of the youth and helping shape them into strong future leaders. Fun days like these ignite hope, create excitement and make the children feel valued. We cannot measure the success of our business on profitability alone, it is imperative that we play a role in the upliftment of the community and set an example by enabling opportunities for under privileged children “

About Happy Home Trust

The Happy Home Trust is a 24 hour safe haven for more than 150 children who are subject to violence, abuse, exploitation or neglect. Elizabeth Clayton is at the heart of the Happy Home and has dedicated her life to providing protection and education to the children in need. In 2002 Elizabeth transitioned from a successful business woman to caring for children. Elizabeth has been able to temporarily house 60 children of 150 and continues to nurture the wellbeing of children by educating and empowering them in hope that they will become advocates in their community. Elizabeth advocates children’s rights across government, police and community services to ensure the safety and protection of Fiji’s children.



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Author: | May 1, 2015 11:51 am