Omnichannel Customer service in business

Mindpearl | March 12, 2020 4:01 pm

What is Omnichannel Customer service?

Businesses and more specifically a business housing call or contact centres, manage customer communication daily. The platforms through which communication is channelled has changed immensely since the days of having only the options of voice and fax. Today, technology enables communication through a number of additional channels including SMS, WhatsApp, email, live chat, and interaction via various social media platforms. The numerous channels used to collaborate with customers is referred to as Omnichannel.

Successful Omnichannel Customer service and its benefits

Customers will have a preference as to which platform(s) they use to interact with a business. With customer communication being pivotal in ensuring consistent customer satisfaction, a business needs to ensure that all channels within an operational environment are integrated correctly.

The value of implementing omnichannel within a business goes beyond just adding another channel for customers to utilise. Successful uptake will be determined by factors including accessibility to the user, visibility of customer information, regardless of channel, across the business and most importantly the ease of use and comfort level experienced by the customer.


The benefits of omnichannel include:

Gaining customer insight

Consumers leave a ‘footprint’ when using a channel. This provides business insight into consumer habits. These insights empower a business to tweak/enhance offerings and ultimately customer service.


Omnichannel can be cost-effective when implemented successfully. Customers generally try self-help options prior to contacting the call centre telephonically. This can reduce the need to increase headcount and contribute to the business’s bottom line

 Job satisfaction/staff enrichment

When employees are equipped and trained to manage various channels, it provides them with not only diversity, but keeps them feeling empowered and engaged. Based on a customer having a choice of channels, interactions are immediately more positive for both the customer and the employee.

Reduce attrition

Investing time and money in employees contribute to staff retention. Introducing a choice of channels for customers; provides an opportunity for employees for additional training and staff engagement. Overall, this encourages personal growth which ultimately will impact customer service in a positive way.

There are numerous benefits to introducing and implementing omnichannel into a business. However, consideration must be given to the customer demographic and the nature of the enquiry, which can both help dictate the adoption levels of each channel in given situations. Some will prefer the human touch (voice) and some the digital/online experience but efficient, effective and consistent customer service remains the number one priority regardless of the channel utilised.


In other words – the key to remember is; WHO the customer is and WHAT the customer wants.

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Author: | March 12, 2020 4:01 pm