Our Services

Mindpearl offer businesses across the globe customised multichannel customer service and support. Our flexible outsourcing services are seamlessly channelled through our delivery locations across South Africa, Fiji, Peru, and our Work From Home team in Namibia, collectively offering over 25 spoken languages. Mindpearl is outsourcing made simple.


We were one of the first outsource contact centre providers to adopt and deliver a true ‘follow-the-sun’ business model. Since 1999, we can attest that it works. The ‘follow-the-sun ‘business model supports clients with multilingual and extended operation hour service requirements through a balanced use of our global sites. We route customer contacts to different geographies and time zones effortlessly. We use a virtual Avaya call centre infrastructure between our sites, supported by a global MPLS network. The benefits to our clients is 24/7 coverage, cost efficiencies, higher agent occupancy and business continuity.

Customer Service

Mindpearl is a partner who focuses on delivering human-centered communication services. By seeking out the best people who fit both your and our cultures, we ensure our people seamlessly manage your brand. With a dedicated team and a contact centre fitted with your branding, we are an extension of your team. In partnership, we can guide your customer experience to the next level with our customer insights and consultancy capabilities. Whether you need guidance on sales strategies, customer service enhancements, disaster recovery, systems usage, multichannel support or customer interaction, we can help.


Whether you are a seasoned user of outsourcing services or never outsourced before, with our bundled and unbundled services and a simple, transparent cost structure we can offer you a customised solution that meets your exact needs. Our aim is to make outsourcing a human experience whether you are a large business looking to partner for performance or a small business looking to grow with people.


Our strategic office locations provide access to native level fluency in English and over 25 other languages. Our engaged and motivated people can fulfil your language requirements. Your customers will not only be serviced in native level fluency, but we work tirelessly to ensure our teams’ cultural affiliation to enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer Journey - How We Do It

It all starts with human connections. As an international, award winning, multilingual contact centre, we know that our staff and the relationships we have with our clients are the greatest and most valuable assets. Due to this, we work tirelessly to embody our clients’ brands and putting our people first, so that they will put your brand first. We call this Client Experience: Our people, your brand. We encourage client involvement in all aspects including recruitment, training and quality assurance. With a dedicated team, a contact centre fitted with your branding and a dedicated key account manager we live and breathe your brand. With key activities such as reporting, process optimisation, managing manpower, talent management and innovation we help you communicate, reduce complexity and save costs. Through our key telecommunication partners and investment in technology we can offer bespoke solutions that provide enhanced functionality to your systems and additional cost savings.

The Benefits

We are your ‘peace of mind’ partner, helping you communicate with your customers and protect and manage your brand.

Reduce Complexity

Mindpearl manages the human connection, using intelligence to transform complex problems into contextually relevant, functional knowledge providing our partners, our clients and our clients’ customers with information they can act on.

Make The Call

Mindpearl manage a wide array of transactions on behalf of our clients which include Ticketing Services for Air Travel, Hotels, Cultural and Sports events, Retail and On-line FMCG as well as Financial Services and Mobile. All of this can be done on an omni-channel basis using the latest systems and technologies - and all of this driven by the needs of your consumer.

Quality and Tailored

Mindpearl recognise that every client is different. Mindpearl is not looking for ‘quick wins’ but rather long term, in depth client relationships which are grown on trust and mutually beneficial outcomes. Mindpearl’s success has been integral to the time we invest in developing meaningful relationships with our employees at all levels, which has been replicated through our client relationships.