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Mindpearl | August 24, 2017 7:57 am

Getting the right people on the contact centre floor is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. Employers will want nothing more than to recruit the right employee who will blend in easily, and start creating impact as soon as they are settled in. How to identify and ensure we are hiring the best candidates for the company and what exactly we look for in new candidates?

Kunasundary Muthu our Human Resource Manager in Malaysia shares with us what she looks for in new candidates

Are they team players & adaptable?

Another word for work is spending forty plus hours a week with people you aren’t friends with. You need people who will complement and contribute, not run roughshod over everyone. Things you need to ask yourself about every candidate: Are they kind and honest? Do they seem frank and genuine? Are they pleasant? Is the candidate highly adaptive? You want someone who is fleet on their feet in adapting to changes in the work environment, since right now change is the only constant in most organizational systems. Adaptability, the capacity to take on new roles and embrace new ways of thinking. Team players understand how to collaborate and why it’s important. They know that teamwork is more efficient and drives stronger outcomes.

Do they fit into the organisation culture?

It becomes more important to identify cultural fitment rather than to look for a candidate who fits only into a specific technical skill sets. Two issues to look at are the sizes of the companies the candidate has worked for in the past, and whether his personal values align with your organizations. What this means is that when you hire on both job fit and cultural fit, you’ll find that your new recruits are faster to start really becoming part of your team. They tend to contribute more rapidly and stay lengthier in business while becoming your company brand ambassador eventually.

Are they competent?

What skills are they bringing to the table? Now consider which skills are most important for this role. Ideally you want those two things to line up. Know the difference between what the position absolutely requires, and what it does not. Does the candidate have the practical experience that you want/need to grow your team and your business? Base this on current and anticipated needs, not just immediate needs at hand. The simple fact is that every manager wants workers who have the initiative to organize their workload and go about their business without the need for constant supervision.

Mindpearl specialises in inbound multichannel customer support across multiple verticals from their quality, strategically located centres in Australia, Spain, South Africa and Fiji. As of August 2016, Mindpearl expanded their international footprint with a fifth location. Our newest centre is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This centre complements their existing locations by increasing their linguistic service offering and 24/7 capabilities. As an international, award-winning, multilingual contact centre, Mindpearl knows that their staff and the relationships they have with their clients are their greatest and most valuable assets.

Due to this, they work tirelessly to embody their clients’ brands. They call this client experience: Our people, your brand.

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Author: | August 24, 2017 7:57 am