September 2014 Design Conference in Melbourne

Mindpearl | March 6, 2015 2:24 pm

Kevin Finn, from The Sum Of, who was half of the creative design dream team that took on the task of Rebranding Mindpearl and did so successfully and phenomenally, spoke at a September 2014 Design Conference in Melbourne.

At the 2014 Sex, Drugs & Helvetica conference in Melbourne, Kevin Finn gave a wonderfully inspiring talk about getting his DESIGNerd project off the ground. Touching on important matters from finding that work life balance to the shape of design education, it was an absolute highlight of the 2014 conference.

The Sum Of has done work with brands such as: Edward de Bono, SBS, Brisbane Festival and Mindpearl. View the video here:

In 2014, Mindpearl worked with Kevin and The Sum Of on a rebrand project. The goal was to successfully rebrand Mindpearl and to launch our New Corporate Identity. The finished product was astounding and something that we and The Sum Of are very proud of. Mindpearl’s new brand identity signalled a milestone in Mindpearl’s distinguished 15 year history, because it was more than a logo to us here at Mindpearl – it is was expression of our culture and our approach to business.

Our new brand identity successfully represents Mindpearl’s vision and our focus on ”Our people, your brand”.


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Author: | March 6, 2015 2:24 pm