The Customer Service Experience you should create for today’s Airline Customer

Mindpearl | October 17, 2016 8:37 am

The Customer Service Experience you should create for today’s Airline Customer.

With Mindpearl recently winning the global contact centre outsourcing contract for Malaysia Airlines, I found myself relocating to Malaysia to manage this account from our newest centre, in Kuala Lumpur. Given Malaysia Airlines’ brand presence and prominence in global aviation, Mindpearl’s airline expertise and track record have naturally, been front of mind for me.

So what pearls of wisdom can I share with you about the modern airline customer and the customer service experience you should create for this customer? Well, it is very simple really. The airline industry and airline customers have changed drastically over the last decade. Today’s customer is global, social, tech-savvy and most of all, connected all the time. What they want and need is convenience, competence, personalisation and proactive value adds. What do I mean by this? Well, let me elaborate.

Convenience is key

  • You need to make it easy for customers to connect with you when and how they want
  • You need to give this customer 24/7 access
  • You need to give them multiple channels: voice, email, Web, chat, SMS, social networks – the works

Competence and Consistence are crucial

  • You need to make sure, it is easy for them to access all information – so focus on a user-friendly website
  • Ensure you send this customer to the right agent the first time
  • Consistency is so important, you need to deliver a consistent experience across all channels

 Create personalised experiences

  • You need to know who your customers are
  • Once you know your customer, you need to use this information to understand customer needs and cater for these needs via preferred channels
  • This is not rocket science, use the information you already have about them to gain customer insights and act on it

Be proactive

  • Do not wait for your customer to call you, be proactive. Inform customers about things that are relevant to them before they have to ask
  • Do not bombard your customer with every promotion you have going on, rather offer your customer products and services relevant to their needs
  • Your customer is looking for proactive value-add, so add-value proactively and predictably. Offer relevant auxiliary services with every interaction

We are extremely proud of our in-depth understanding of the airline sector and best in class service we provide for our airline clients. So what is the crux of my message? With 17 years’ experience under our belt as a contact centre outsourcer servicing airline clients, the best advice I can give any airline is to focus on prioritising communication and convenience. The modern airline customer craves information and simplicity. Give them this and they will be your customer for life.

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Author: | October 17, 2016 8:37 am