What Impact is Social Media Usage During Office Hours Having On Your Business?

Mindpearl | May 18, 2015 10:46 am

What Impact is Social Media Usage During Office Hours having on Your Business?

What is your business doing about it?

Mindpearl’s Fiji Contact Centre operation has over 650 staff today and employee engagement is very high in our order of priorities. We firmly believe motivated and engaged people are more productive people and social media is very much a part of everyday life these days.

Productivity is, of course, also of paramount importance and so striking the right balance when it comes to social media is the key. Mindpearl limits access to non-business critical sites within our contact centres to ensure we deliver a fully-focussed work force for our global clients. We provide free internet cafe access for all of our staff in our break out areas & cafe to enjoy their favourite social media sites during leisure time.

We also provide a gym, volleyball, pool table, table tennis and cable TV for those not wanting to stare at another computer screen during their time off. We even provide a free hot meal daily for all employees. Balance is very important to ensure we are looking after the well-being of our people.

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Author: | May 18, 2015 10:46 am